Healthy Fat; and “the shuuga”


I've always prided myself on being a healthy fat. A fat girl, "but I could hit the splits tho", a fat girl, but, I had perfect blood pressure, cholesterol and average blood sugar, a fat girl, but "yo nigga bound " a fat girl, but anyways, you get the gist. These were all things that … Continue reading Healthy Fat; and “the shuuga”

Make it Like It Was Part 3 (1 of…)

So where did I leave off... Okay so now we're both unemployed. In love but broke. And to top it off, my dumb a** discarded birth control days after my 20th birthday in December (smfh.) For Hoodrat couples there are only a few options, sell drugs and/or box, rap, or play basketball. I wasn't selling … Continue reading Make it Like It Was Part 3 (1 of…)

Make It Like It Was: A Trillogy; Part I

In summer of 2009, while working at Slaveway, I seemingly met the love of my life. I was only 18, was in a relationship with an African Scammer who told me he was twenty-five but was more like thirty-two (oh. And I’m not telling y’all which African country he was from.) I was unhappy and … Continue reading Make It Like It Was: A Trillogy; Part I