Healthy Fat; and “the shuuga”


I've always prided myself on being a healthy fat. A fat girl, "but I could hit the splits tho", a fat girl, but, I had perfect blood pressure, cholesterol and average blood sugar, a fat girl, but "yo nigga bound " a fat girl, but anyways, you get the gist. These were all things that … Continue reading Healthy Fat; and “the shuuga”


When the Family Fueds…

Sigh… So there is a video going around Facebook of a mother and child sitting in the car, the child is crying and the mother is fighting back tears and asking the child questions about the father. The child ultimately says something along the lines of “I don’t have a daddy” and the mother begins … Continue reading When the Family Fueds…

Adjacent Tip:

There is no such thing as “sounding white” especially if you “sound white” at work. It is called a “work voice” and everyone should have one. Unfortunately, I have worked around hundreds of white people and they do not have any type of “work voice” they say what the hell they want, when they want, … Continue reading Adjacent Tip:

Make it Like It Was Part 3 (1 of…)

So where did I leave off... Okay so now we're both unemployed. In love but broke. And to top it off, my dumb a** discarded birth control days after my 20th birthday in December (smfh.) For Hoodrat couples there are only a few options, sell drugs and/or box, rap, or play basketball. I wasn't selling … Continue reading Make it Like It Was Part 3 (1 of…)