When the Family Fueds…


So there is a video going around Facebook of a mother and child sitting in the car, the child is crying and the mother is fighting back tears and asking the child questions about the father. The child ultimately says something along the lines of “I don’t have a daddy” and the mother begins crying. End scene. The whole video is about 30 seconds long and very heartbreaking.

Hours after that video was posted, the Real Deadbeats of Facebook immediately put on their capes and began posting pictures of the dad with the child over the last few years. Which I guess to them, proves that he is not a deadbeat and that she is just another “bitter baby mama.” Then the actual father had a sit-down interview with some nigga (I honestly don’t remember his name nor do I care to.) The father’s interview was around 10-15 minutes long and I honestly don’t have the fucking attention span to try to even watch a nigga complain about how his bm don’t let him see the kids and how he has to pay $38.17 in child support. Blah, you know the usual bum shit.

First of all, pictures and videos do NOT show how good/bad a parent is. I know multiple people who have a million and one pictures with their kid/s on socials and don’t even fucking have custody. Showing that you have interacted with your child is what you’re supposed to do, you don’t get a fucking cookie for that shit.

Also, I AM SO TIRED of you fucking social media parents. I don’t know what the hell is up with posting acts of disciplining your children, arguing with the other parent, or anything related. Keep your kids business off of the fucking internet. In 20 years when your kids are old enough to feel embarrassment and understand how parents poison their children, they are going to be pissed that this is out there. I love my son’s dad about 90% of the time but that damn 10% is ugly as hell! Never would I want our son to look back and see that I argued with his dad online, for everyone to see. If you wanna argue with your bd/bm do it. Just make sure the child(ren) are not present if it gets too deep.

Now, I’m not going to lie, when my son’s dad went on “vacation” our son was old enough to notice that he wasn’t around and even slept by the door, just knowing that he was going walk in. Listen, if you thought Jesus wept, you should’ve heard me, okay! I boohooed, but I talked my son through it. After a few weeks of explaining to him that daddy would be back, he stopped sleeping by the door( and I stopped crying in the dark.) Then, I would have conversations (I baked his ass like a turkey on Thanksgiving, repeatedly) with my son’s dad letting him know the emotional toll he was placing on our child. NEVER once did I think “hmm let me record this” let alone think to post the shit on Facebook. Shit, just telling anyone who reads this blog is embarrassing and brings tears back.

I say that to say, help your kids heal off of social media. Kids are very smart and recognize the real even if we think they don’t. Whatever area your other parent is lacking in, you have to be there to there to add extra. It’s hard as hell and definitely not fair, but YOU chose to bring this baby in the world and you need to protect your child’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.

In no way am I saying that you should suffer in silence, but please remember that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and yes, even Snapchat does not give a single solitary fuck about what the hell you’re going through. If you feel like your bd is a “bitch ass nigga” as some of us may tell your fucking friend, family member or shit go old school and write it in a damn diary. If your baby mama “won’t let “ you see the kids, take her ass to court. A lot of people say that they don’t wanna get the “man” involved but if you want to make sure your child is being taken care of and loved in the way you want, you’re going to have to take her ass to court, and it will be expensive if she tries to fight, but it will be worth every red cent.

Do better than your parents did. If you don’t respect your co-parent, at least have enough respect for your child to keep family matters, in the family.

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