Work It Out!

Birdman Handrub

For my new year affirmation, I said that I would lose 50 pounds before summer begins and stop eating meat. I prepared by rubbing my hands together like Birdman Sr. and uttering “this finna be a breeze.” I obviously did something wrong, cuz I’ve only worked out three times (ain’t lost a single pound) and I’ve eaten chicken, every day for the past week.

I have questions!

First of all, why is chicken so good? Who tf came up with the idea of Salt & Vinegar chicken wings? (Ooh and don’t let em be the flat ones, bruh.) What in God’s green earth possessed me to even want to stop eating meat? How does one lose weight without working out, or making dietary changes?

The answers:

Chicken is and will always be bomb AF there is no getting around that and I need to stop enabling myself to continue to be a fat fuck. Salt and vinegar wings (especially the flat ones from Red Apple) are a creation of the devil himself. I do believe that meat is gross and most of the time when I’m cooking it, I gag. It’s time for me to cut meat completely out of my diet, no weaning, no cheating, but, I need help doing so and I need to figure out what that help consists of. Losing weight without exercising and/or changing my diet can only happen if I get weight loss surgery, and at this point in my life, that’s not something I am ready for so if I don’t want to have to lie on a bed for hours getting the fat sucked out of me, I need to do something.

So, I’m currently eating banana chips and drinking Life WTR (legit some of the best fucking water I’ve ever had, and I’m not even into bottled water but this shit is like top 3 and it’s not 3). I will probably be eating some kind of meat at least until the first because, poor as hell and I already got meat at home. I will officially begin “working out” on Monday, whether I want to or not :/
Do you all have any work out/ eating right tips? I think I might start a vegetarian Whole30 or something but I am still undecided. Please help a big lil bitch out!

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