New Year, Same Ol’ G

I have never been into making New Year resolutions, because I know my ass won’t stick with them. This year was no different. Instead of making a resolution I tried to manifest the following:

I will not deal with fuck niggas

I will not get any BD meat (that might not happen, cuz that shit is FYE)

I will stop eating meat

I will lose at least 50 pounds before summer.

I will find my nice stud, settle down and get married (okay so this might be a joke I’m undecided)

I will read at least 3 parenting articles a week.

I will not use my phone when my son is awake.

I will not acknowledge negativity in any way, shape or form.

Dealing with fuck niggas, hmmm I think it’s inevitable, but from now on, you fuck niggas will PAY ME. In the past, I wifed whole ass fuck niggas and even fell in love with them (SMDH at myself). I have heard the story about fat bitches paying what they weigh. Not my testimony at all and if you want me in your presence, you will pay what I weigh, okay? And, a bitch is heavy btw.
Moving right along…

My sons dad is on a short vacation (if you black, you know what that means) and he currently hates me because I am a cold bitch sometimes. I apparently ruined the chances of us ever getting back together. It is what it is and I’m sure when he comes back from that vacation he will be less mad at me and gimme some “I hate that I love you, BM” dick. I don’t even think that I have really even been trying to manifest that one.

Meat. Wow, meat is fucking bomb, like fried chicken on any day is fucking amazing, and my dumb ass wants to give this shit up? Like what is really wrong with me? On the other hand, meat is also trash. My coworker who is a vegetarian (and supports all my hopes and dreams) suggested that if I were to continue watching documentaries of how animals are harmed in the process of trying to provide me with meat, I’d eventually be fed up enough to give it up. I think that, that is a good suggestion and one that I will actually put to use.

Losing 50 lbs. This will probably be the hardest fucking thing on here. I have been a big girl for YEARS. These fifty pounds are not going to come off easily and I am going to have to work hard to actually get results. I have never had a problem with being a big girl, but bitch my knees are starting to hurt and that’s not the life I want to live. I think that the first step I need to take is actually pullin myself away from the table. After that happens, I then need to begin meal planning and actually exercise. I joined a gym back in November all I need is a little free time and boom!

I will find my nice stud, settle down and get married (okay so this might be a joke I’m undecided) Yeah this one definitely a joke cuz I love the D a bit too much. Imma try this again when I’m 30. My ass still scared to even taste kewchee. I love you tho studs and yaw will always have a place in my heart!

When I was in the process of planning my son, I read so many articles about so many fucking things, because I wanted to be the perfect parent. Flash forward 4 years and I am not the perfect parent by a long shot. However, my son is happy, well rounded and can definitely beat yo 3 year old’s ass. (Lol I’m joking but I’m serious) My son talks in full sentences and understands my expectations so it’s time to fine tune my parenting. This week I read articles on why a child might have trouble focusing in on learning colors, the ups and downs of potty training, and one that focused on if our children were deaf, or just ignoring us. In each of these articles, I learned something that I didn’t know before reading them. I applied these tactics to our everyday lives and I actually might read a few more articles cuz its fun learning about why kids are the way they are.

As a Millennial Muva, (shout out to I realized that in 2017 I spent far too much time on my phone and not enough time focused on my baby. I think it’s easy for many parents not to notice that they aren’t fully engaging with their child (ren) and I don’t want to turn into one of those parents that don’t pay attention to their kid. I think that over the past few weeks (even before the New Year started); I have been excelling at staying off my phone when my son is in my presence. In the upcoming weeks, I hope that I am able to fully cut my damn phone off while he’s awake and not even think about what’s going on any socials. My son deserves my full attention and I don’t want him to begin acting out because he feels as if he isn’t getting enough at home. Landon is my priority and I want him to feel as such.

Negativity. So recently, I got into a spat with my friend because I felt as if she were being far too negative. She is a great person and I feel as if a lot of times when you’re responding to everything negatively you will begin to see the negativity creep into your everyday life. She initially was upset at me because of the way I said it to her, but eventually she realized that I was only looking out for her and that I want the best for her. In saying that, I also want to say that I need to heal my own self. I got a screenshot sent to me about a hater hoe and I was going to go on a little bit of a rampage but I remembered, “The blessed don’t beef with the miserable!” I want everyone who has it in them to succeed peereeit.


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