We Made IT!

So I got yaw in!

Most of you will stick around, (thank you) some of you will fade away (it happens to the best of us) but at least we made it here. In the first few posts I talked about something that I thought was funny. At one point in my life, I cried over that situation for days at a time, now I laugh my ass off even telling the story. I want to let you all know, that is not what this blog will be about PEEREEIT(period).

That story is over with for the time being. Nothing else of interest has happened and Wiz and I haven’t spoken to each other in months and haven’t discussed being together in at least a year. I am completely over him although he will forever be one of my best friends. Someone asked the other day if I had plans on getting back with him and in short, the answer is HELL NO!

This blog will mostly be my hot takes on everything from parenting, weed, weight loss, mental illness and anything else you can think of. There will be times I won’t blog for weeks, and other times where I blog daily. With that, there is bound to be times where I am speaking in cursive and times where it looks like I sat writing a particular blog post for months. Through it all, I hope that each and every person who follows feels comfortable enough to ask me questions, throw me some suggestions and talk to me. I’m regular as fuck and I love everyone.

Talk to me, I talk back.

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