Let’s Not Wait Till The Water Runs Dry

. Immediately after hanging up the phone I burst out in laughter with tears running down my face. Then I went directly to Twitter and aired s*** the fuck out. Every picture his baby mama posted, I commented with a “Yaw cute AF *insert kissy face* ” or “#RelationshipGoals” I was livid, but that wasn’t enough. I then tweeted all about how Wiz had eaten my** like it was the last Popeye’s five dollar Big Box.

After I felt a little better, I stopped with the excessive tweets. It didn’t stop me from obsessing about “our” nigga though. I checked his baby Mama’s page hourly for the next week and learned that they were officially together. LMAO. I’m still laughing about this s*** to this day.

I tweeted Wiz’s baby mama asking her if she could have Wiz come gather his belongings. She said that she would come and get them and I told her that that would not be happening and instead gave her a date Wiz could come. A few days before Wiz was to come and grab his stuff, I got a call from him. He asked that I not contact his daughter’s mom anymore and said that he would be over the next day to pick up his stuff.

When he came into my room I had his stuff folded neatly and put into two big black garbage bags. “That should be it, Wiz, stay gold.” He looked at me looking for something, anything to say. “Well, I can’t take this all the way back to Tacoma on the bus Norman.” I laughed before saying “not my nigga, not my prollem!” He left the bags right where they were and headed towards the door. “I’ll tell you when I can come and grab them. ”

I called him on his cell phone and asked him why he was dragging this out. We spent the next 20 minutes arguing then laughing. Wiz told me that the night I’d done a big reveal his cousin Jayden, and the weirdo dummy bitch were in the car with him and his baby mom and that I completely embarrassed him. I told him I wouldn’t apologize for that because he deserved to be embarrassed just like he’d embarrassed my ass for years. That turned into an argument which resulted in me calling Wiz a bitch.

When I said it, he paused and asked me to repeat myself. I hesitated before saying “I said you’re a fork ass bitch.” Through all the bullshit we’d been through, I’d never once thought he was a bitch let alone actually fix my lips to say it to him. “Yep, I’m on my way back so you can say it to my face! I’m going to show you how much of a bitch I am.” I laughed assuming he was joking. “Nigga you’re almost all the way downtown. You’re not coming back.” I heard the bus bell ring signaling that someone wanted to get off, followed by outside noise.

My heart sped up a little but I maintained my composure. “Wow, what are you doing you creep?” I asked Wiz hoping that this was all still a joke. “I told you Norman, I’m on my way back!” He answered gleefully. “Okay, Khalifydrops” I giggled, “see you when you get here. Is this conversation over?” I heard the phone click and sat in silence for the next 20 minutes wondering if Wiz was joking until I heard the quick raps at my door. I opened it to a cheesing Wiz.

“Now what was it that you were saying on the phone Normypops?” I smiled back before calmly saying ” I said that you’re a fork ass bitch!” (Side note: fork is a slur used to insult FOLKS which is a gang.) As the last syllable flew from my mouth, I felt a blow to my upper thigh and instinctively swung back. I connected with Wiz’s chest, hard he paused and said: “oh, so you want to fight Norman?” The next few minutes were spent trying not to get my ass beat. I mean I felt like Sophia all my life I had to fight lookin ass.

Wiz was giving my lower body blows and I knew I’d have bruises so I started whimpering and pushed some fake tears out. Wiz immediately stopped and scooped me up for a hug and began kissing me all over my face. I couldn’t help but start laughing. Wiz looked at me and mumbled something about me being crazy. He still hadn’t let go of me. Then he kissed me. My dumb ass once again gave in and kissed him back before saying “wow you probably were eating the bitches’ ass with these lips .” He looked at me appalled then said ” eew Norman don’t be gross. I only do that to you. Now get naked K?” I followed orders and we spent the next sex hour going at it.

When we came up for air, Wiz had hella missed calls all from his daughter’s mom. I knew she’d be on his line after I planted a little tweet seed in her head. I laughed and told him to call his woman back. “Norman, I want to be with you, but that shit you said the other day is really fuckin with me. You embarrassed me in front of my cousin and the bitches’ cousin.” Lol, the fucking nerve. This nigga had a whole ass child he’d lied about, moved to another state on me, fucked with my associate, and then lied about being with his baby mom on his birthday and he had the nerve to be upset about me getting a little outside dick. Puh.

“Well, if you want to be with me you’re going to have to get over that. I’m not apologizing.” We agreed to give it one more chance on some Biggie/Faith shit. He left, promising that he’d be back later, and I tweeted about that make-up dick being Top 5. Wiz came back with some izzles and we stayed up all night talking about everything that had happened, if we could really make it work and where we would go from here. Around 4 that morning, I got a call from a Tacoma nigga who was giving me some talk. I answered the phone and chopped it up with him for about two minutes before Wiz said “Norman, who the fuck are you talking to?” I shot back and said “the nigga. Mind your business.” Wiz was looking at me like he wanted to murder me so I wrapped up the phone call.

I told Wiz that I thought we should try to rebuild our friendship before trying the relationship shit again. He agreed and moved to Tacoma with his daughter’s mom. It appeared that they were in a relationship which was great for me because Wiz was still coming to Seattle to get a sample while pillow talking his ass off about every little thing that happened in their house. Which I used in return to make her mad on Twitter. It was a sick ass vicious cycle.

After we’d gotten in our latest Twitter argument, in which I’d posted multiple screenshots of Wiz professing his love for me, while he was supposed to be building with his baby mama; Wiz came over, shot the club up and then asked to use my phone. I let him see it and he deleted our entire text thread. There was years’ worth of text in there. Pictures, arguments every fucking thing. It was all gone. I cried because I didn’t have the nigga, I cried because all I had was memories. I made Wiz get out, but again like the big dummy I was, I eventually forgave him and he replaced all those old messages with new messages of love and admiration.

So boom it’s my birthday again. In preparation for my big day, I’d dyed my hair a golden brown, bought 5-inch pumps (Wiz helped me break em in) and checked into my hotel room on Capitol Hill. My bitches began arriving shortly after. Nena, Boo face, DeCuntae and I cracked a half gallon of Jack and pre-funked laughing and giggling. Wiz came and gave me a few izzles for the night. Synquis arrived with our homegirl Toto and Amirah arrived with her baby for the turn-up. We shot the shit for the next few hours. Wiz pulled me aside and asked if I thought Toto was tryna get at him and I let him know that I felt like he did but wasn’t finna let it ruin anything.

By one, realized that I was too drunk and high to go anywhere, but my coworkers were waiting for me at some bar down the street. Wiz told me to put my shoes on so that we could go out. I left all my drunken friends in the room and walked the few blocks to Neumos where I found my coworkers with bottles and drugs. I talked to them for about a half an hour but to me, it felt like five minutes. We separated and headed back to the hotel. When we got there, Toto and Synquis were headed out. We said our goodbyes and then it was Mr. Nasty Time. For the next few hours, Wiz and I went at it. That was the first night he sucked my toes while stroking which took me to a new level, one that I have not experienced since. He licked and kissed every inch of my body (I’m a big bitch yaw so he had a lot to do.) At around 6 AM, when all the sheets back up sheets and towels were soaked from bodily fluids, we took a break and Wiz got a text from his baby mama asking if he could come get their daughter from Tacoma. Now Wiz had now fully acknowledged that he was Wizayas father at this point and although I was pissed he had to leave I wouldn’t ever do anything to interfere with his parenting. Such a great night brought me back to reality.

I knew the shit wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Wiz’s baby mama and I were getting into arguments more. She and the weirdo dummy bitch were supposedly doing drive by’s (although I never saw them once) and my mental health was starting to deteriorate. Plus, Wiz had shit fucked up. He came to my house one day while I was babysitting for Synquis to bring me shrooms and izzles and let me hit his bottle. He asked why I would babysit knowing that he was coming over and I hadn’t seen him. I quickly let him know that I was not his bitch and that if he wanted some pushy, he should head right on back to University Place. It started an argument that continued all the way downtown and let me to have a panic attack at work.

But bitch, guess what the fuck he did? Went back to University Place and shot his baby mamas club up. I asked him why and he said that she basically raped him when he was walking around the house with his print showing. I, of course, knew he was fucking her that whole time but every time I asked he’d tell me he was only there for his daughter(lyin ass). A few weeks later, he told me she was pregnant and blamed me for not putting out the day I was babysitting.

That’s when I emotionally called it quits. I’d looked dumb for too fuckin long. Wiz was the only nigga I’d ever given my all to and I felt like he tried to ruin me. I got on Twitter and tweeted some basic tweets about how a bitch was having a keep a nigga baby, and that I was still fuckin Wiz. It turned into his baby mama posting my SSN on Twitter (it’s still head up on sight. These are the types of bitches you have to catch cuz they won’t meet up) I filed a police report and did any type of search I could, to find that bitches address, all to no avail. Then her dumb ass cousin posted my address on Twitter these bitches had the complete drop on me but didn’t do shit with it. I told her and the dummy bitch that I was more than ready and willing to meet up, (I’m still waiting btw) but received no response.

I fully stopped fucking with Wiz and continued with the two dudes I’d been messing with since August(yes Wiz and I were together in August but mind your business.) One was a Nigerian king okay. Like he had money, stability and was smart as hell. The other was light skinned and crazy. But I was emotionally unstable myself and thought I could fix the crazy nigga (spoiler, I couldn’t.) The Nigerian king gave me $3000.00 to start looking for an apartment for us. I blew all of it and I’m not even sure on what. I was all set to marry him and leave crazy light skinned behind until I got a call from fucking Wiz.

It had been a few months since Wiz and I had spoken and I felt the butterflies fluttering in my stomach when we spoke. I told him that I was doing well, planning a baby and getting married. (I was) he told me that I was baby thirsty and that I should be having his child and not be marrying some “fuckin African” (hella out) I cursed him out and sent him back on his merry way. When my Nigerian king figured out I spent all his money he was pissed but still wanted to be with me, but I had already let Wiz in my head. I blocked NK from all my socials and my cell phone and continued talking to crazy light skinned.

Crazy light skinned is and will always be crazy AF. Both our families weren’t the greatest and we thought we could make it. We sat down seriously and had a discussion about having a child. It was all planned out, but God had other plans. Crazy shot my club up then went to jail two days later on some BS charges. Being the adjacent that I am, I put $20 on his books and kept it pushin. A pregnancy test confirmed that crazy shot blanks. I was a little depressed and decided to go out for drinks with this thick thang. We got fucked up at some raggedy bar downtown.

When we were leaving to go home, I saw a tall lurch-like figure waiting at my bus stop. I was drunk so there was no fear and as I got closer, I recognized the face. It was Dez! (Fried chicken at his grandma’s house Dez) Though it had been some time since I’d seen him (like two years) I still remembered the d and how he used to rough it up. Now I don’t remember exchanging any words, but I did end up with him at his grandma’s house getting my black blown out. He had a cast on and still, managed to put in work okay! We continued messing with each other until I confirmed with 3 pregnancy tests that I was having a baby!

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