Them suckas wasn’t adding up

So now I got my n**** back! We’re doing great making it better than it ever has been okay! No fights no arguments no b******. I changed all my social media pages to Gabrielle Monique Khalifa (big mistake). Things were obviously real f***** official.

Wiz told me that the year he was MIA he’d been selling drugs and didn’t want me involved. Apparently, he would’ve continued selling drugs if it had not been for his “dumb ass” cousin getting their trap house raided. His cousin went to jail and Wiz “got outta there” My dumb ass ate it up and asked for seconds. I obviously didn’t believe him but I was under the spell of good d*** (a dickmitized state of mind) so I really didn’t care.

Wiz was making money selling bigarettes (you know n**** love menthols). He was hitting little licks that would get him by. Although he officially lived with his sister, Dominique he was with me every day and night. At this time we had started thizzin pretty heavily and Wiz started rapping with his cousins. Now I don’t know if I just still have love for him or if he could actually rap, but the s*** wasn’t terrible. He wrote a couple songs about me and I just thought the n**** was the second coming of Mac Dre. Nose wide TF open.

We were good for a year. Literally one fuckin year… Then one day as I’m minding my business, tweeting as Mrs. Khalifa, a random weirdo a** dummy b**** came into my mentions with a “oh you’re Wiz’s girl right? I’m Dominique’s friend I remember you being at her house” (lemme pause for a sec and let yaw know that game recognize game and that b**** was looking real UNFAMILIAR) I replied “yeah that must be where I saw you.” Knowing full well I had not been to Wiz’s sisters’ house, I did a little digging.

Then, I found it. The dummy b**** was tweeting this little chocolate thing about my n****. I clicked on her profile and saw a image of her holding a baby with eyes like Wiz’s. I went through all her tweets and found pictures of Wiz asleep in her bed, time stamped back to when he was MIA. I also learned that the little girl with eyes like his was name Wizavia. I was crushed like f***** crushed, defeated, irritated and furious. I immediately screen shot the post, text Wiz and my booface the picture and left no time for him to think of a lie before I called baking him.

“So you got a whole a** baby huh Wiz? You posed to be in love with me but your a** has a whole child that you’ve never mentioned??” I screamed into the phone while sitting in my booface’s car. “Normypops” as he often called me “we don’t have no DNA test so she’s not mine she’s a potential” lmao imagine seeing a baby who looks exactly like your man like she looked more like the n**** than his son did. I was livid okay. I asked him when TF he was going to get a DNA test since he supposedly had doubts. He said that he would do it soon and I clicked him.

“B****, he’s fucking lying. F***** lying a** n***** man wtf” is the first thing I heard when I hung up the phone. All I could do was cry and agree. We went to her house and smoked as many blunts as we could. I continued to do some digging and made myself mad all over again. The year that Wiz had been gone he’d actually been taking care of his child! (Wiz’s lying ass still denies that he was only taking care of his baby and insists that he was a king pin during this time) but apparently, the minute he started f***** with me again, all of that came to a halt.

I had a civil conversation with his baby mama. She told me that their daughter was about to be one and that Wiz had been around since birth but he had disappeared around his birthday and hadn’t been around since. When I questioned Wiz about this he said “stay in your lane” and told me that I shouldn’t have even been talking to his baby mom(although he was still calling lil baby “potential”)but, being the down a** stupid a*** woman that I was. (not never again ok) I explained to Wiz that I shouldn’t ever have to find out nothing about my n**** from no other b**** especially not no weirdo dummy a** b****. I told him it is what it is. We had two kids now instead of one. His daughters birthday was coming in March and I urged him to go. He refused asking why he would go to a “potentials” birthday party (trash AF.)

Anyway, I lost so much respect for him I reverted back to my (h)o(e)ld ways and started f***** a n**** named Sanchez who I had met the year before. I was of course still loyal to Wiz, (is that how loyalty works?) I loved my n**** still and wanted nothing more than for him to get his act together and wife my ass.

Then this n**** up and moved to Georgia. Worst thing that could’ve possibly happened to our relationship (besides the whole ass child he was hiding) we talked everyday and had a few mutual beat the skeet Skype sessions but s*** wasn’t right. I was f****** Sanchez more and more and he’d started to actually love me. Wiz was unemployed, depressed and home sick. I asked if he wanted to come home and of course he did. I offered to get a plane ticket but this weirdo wanted to get on the damn bus.

When he got back, I of course went through his phone, broke into his voicemail and everything else a crazy a** b**** who don’t trust her n**** would do. I found EVERYTHING all kinds of text messages to all kinds of b***** voicemails from his baby moms calling him a deadbeat some saying that she still loved him. Just all types of f***** up s*** . I sat on this information for a while continuing to do me while he thought I was at home being a good girl. When I confronted him he told me that if I wouldn’t have gone through his phone I wouldn’t have found anything. I chose to eat that and push through. I mean he was right, right? I focused on building us back up and told him I wouldn’t go through his s*** again. (a lie)

September comes and it’s Wiz birthday. (Lying ass Libras). He told me that he wanted to go out with his cousins for his birthday and of course I thought that was fine. I bought him a nice pair of red Bhucks. He got dressed at his grandma house and started flavin’. At around 9:30 I text him and said “I love you, I’m really starting to trust you again. Please don’t f*** this up.”

So what yaw think he did?

F***** EVERYTHING up. At around 11:45 I start seeing pictures on my TL of him and his daughters mom all hugged up in the club *insert upside down emoji here plz* so, I immediately began blowing up his phone. His weak a** blocked me and then had the fall to stop answering my blocked calls. I started thinking smarter and call his daughters moms’ phone, she picked up and I asked to speak with Wiz. He of course wouldn’t come to the phone and told her to click me. LMAO she didn’t and I calmly asked her to put me on speaker.

When I could hear the phone was on speaker I calmly said “Hey babe, you know when you was in Georgia? Yeah, you remember. Well, I was barebackin Sanchez that whole entire time. Enjoy your night babe. Happy birthday!” Then hung up.

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