Make It Like It Was, Part II

The next Hoodrat was my b**** Taiwan. Taiwan knew that me and Wiz were f***** around but that wasn’t her business. I felt her on a spiritual level and that Wiz d*** wasn’t anything to play about.

By this time I wasn’t foolin with Wiz and wouldn’t even fix my mouth to say “bye” I’m talmbout dead. To. Me. Okay. I’d dyed my hair blonde, got a nice tan and stepped my slu up. Wiz had ran through a little chocolate thang, went back to his old ex chick and landed right on my b**** Taiwan all within about two months.

Taiwan was cute! She looked like a real life Bratz doll big eyes huge lips and all the lip gloss a Hoodrat could ask for! Plus she was from the South and still showing love to the crochet although no one in Seattle was f****** with it.

Anyway, Taiwan had been telling me about this dude she was messing with and it sounded awfully familiar. I listened intently, asking questions that I hoped wouldn’t give me away. She told me everything but it didn’t really hit me till I walked into the break room at Slaveway and saw them a little too close for my comfort.

Since Taiwan was my nig she ultimately came and talked to me about it. One day she flat out asked me in the customer service booth “How long were you messing with Wiz and are you his baby mama” me being high responded “oh for hella long why do you think our son’s name is Wizelle?” (It was only a coincidence that his son was named Wizelle he was NOT my kid)I burst out laughing right after and told her that he was just a friend but she took the story and ran with it.

Wiz called me later on that night and although I didn’t have his number stored, I knew exactly who it was. He pressed me about what I had told Taiwan, but I insisted that it was just some kiki’in. Then came the “I miss you how you been?”

Ain’t that about a b**** this man who I had been seeing and boning every damn day till he suddenly decided he was going to hold out the good was asking me how I’d been. “N**** terrible” was the first thought that came to mind but being the g that I am I said “coo, I miss you too” (wow what a p***** my aunt must’ve been in town.) You know hoodrats love they n***** and want them to do better.

So we chop it up for a few hours about everything we missed out on in each other’s lives over the last few months. It felt like I had my best friend back. Then I remembered that his snake a** was currently barebackin my good friend.

I started taking his calls but let it be known that I wasn’t f***** on him. Taiwan began telling me about a new love interest one that had money, paid attention to her and let her drive his new a** car. As a friend I had to tell her to SHDALHBCHGFM (think about the vine) and she did just that!

Being the greater hoodrat that I was, her secret stayed with me although I was talking to Wiz every night cuz box before c****. One day, I got off of work at 11:00 pm and he was in the Slaveway parking lot in Taiwan’s car waiting to take me home. I cursed him out asking why he would pick me up in “the bitches’ car?” I stormed away and hopped on the 8 towards Rainier Beach. When I got off on Henderson, he was at the bus stop waiting and told me that if I didn’t get in he was going home. I reiterated that he wasn’t my n**** and that he didn’t need to do none of this for me (I mean especially not in the b******’car tf.) Plus I’d had a boyfriend for the last month who was currently MIA (I met him the day he got out of jail and let’s just skim on by this.)

As I saw Wiz drive away, and felt the rain coming down harder I realized what a strong, stubborn, dumb a** b**** I truly was.
A few days passed and my boyfriend “BD” (he said it stood for Big D*** but maybe they was talking about his dad or something cuz no. Oh and this is also not my baby daddy, but I will be calling my babies’ dad ‘BD’ in the next part) called me from county. I rejected the call as soon as I heard his name and confirmed to myself that I was single cuz my hoodrat adjacent a** holds no n**** down okay!

Anyway, as soon as I confirmed my newfound relationship status, I called Wiz and let him know I wasn’t for none of the BS. He said some BS about wanting his cake and eating it too and my corny sprung a** told him “but you’re my cake and my eat it too” I know, gag but that’s the type of s*** you say to an n**** you think you’re in love with. Anyway he was over the next night ummm wow yeah he was just over * Knockin Pictures Off the Wall x Boosie starts playing low in the background* we truly made it like it was and fell back into our old groove. His only request was to give him a sec to break it to Taiwan.

I gave that a** a week and in two days Taiwan informed me that they’d broken up. I asked her how she felt and she said she didn’t care but that she hoped that she wasn’t pregnant (see Taiwan already had a set of twins and was fertile Myrtle.) I was livid okay! But after a few weeks she told me there was nothing to worry about. We did a happy dance, got some drinks to celebrate and never mentioned it again. Wiz and I were strengthening our bond and all was well and right with the world.

The closer Wiz and I became the more this hating a** b**** Marley (our store manager) f***** with us. We got write up after write up. I was cited for dress code violations although I’d be there for four years at that point. She pulled me from Wiz’s line all the time and eventually fired Wiz on January 21st, 2011 and me exactly a week later on January 28, 2011.

*All names have been changed to protect the identity of the ratchet and ain’t s***. Bless up.

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