You know what it is…

Okay, so listen.

My last post may have many of you confused. How do you learn that white people and blacks are treated differently at such an old age? To answer your question let me tell you this.

I grew up in Seattle, Washington. Our city was small and our black population was even smaller. There’s normally six degrees of separation in normal everyday life, in Seattle it’s two degrees. Every black person you know knows another black person you know. (I don’t know if I’m explaining this right but if you don’t get it, figure it out)

Anywho, I grew up in West Seattle. For every fifty white people there was one black person. About 65% of the black folks were mixed and everyone was friends. The black men dated white girls and the black girls loved the fine ass white boys. Of course there was racism but at that tine, I was a child and didn’t realize what the hell was actually going on.

Growing up, the only prejudice I experienced was at the hands of the Asians who owned the mini Mart up the street. It was at that same mini Mart that my dumb friends and I stole snacks and annoyed cashiers by hiding slurpees in old Pringles cans. I assumed that the store owners didn’t like us because we were annoying 12 year olds, but looking back, the white kids were never followed around the store and yelled at despite being annoying theivin a** 12 year olds just like us.

Okay this one is kind of short and mostly explains that last post. Stick with me it’s going to start to get interesting.

If there are any typos in this I apologize. I have too much energy and I’m writing very fast from my baby daddy phone.

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