Rattatattata; why it really doesn’t matter

By now I’m assuming that you like what you read and you’re here for more BS! Well welcome back! If you didn’t like what you read thank you for giving me another chance to gain your interest.

I left off letting you know that I was an around the corner hoodrat and warmed you up for my future Hoodrat antics.

Today, I’d like to talk to you about the Hoodrat and the Hoodrat adjacent friendship. It’s been a rocky road with some of my friends and the ones that made it through are some of the most Hoodrat adjacent people you will ever meet.

Growing up, I was the smart girl who was also the class clown and carefree as hell. I loved everyone from the special education students to the quarterback of the football team and the love was reciprocated.

My best friend, was a white girl who was raised on Delridge about a block away from my apartment. Honestly, she was definitely more of a Hoodrat than I was but because she was white, she wasn’t judged as harshly. She smoked, cursed, drank 40s and 4Lokos and never apologized for anything. I remember her bragging about how she was blackout drunk and spit on an officer and kicked another officer and all that happened to her was a trip to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. After she gave up the hoodrat shenanigans, she was able to move on with her Caucasian life.

Then there was my boo-face,muffin butt, one of if not the most rudest and realest b*****I know. She told everyone exactly how she was feeling about everything. The very few things she did not say, showed all over her face. She was the epitome of a hoodrat, loud, long nails, bleach blonde slicked puff and big heavy gold hoops. I even think she had the boots with the fur. She would knock anyone out for her man and let you know that she didn’t give AF about your thoughts. I loved her and even now as she is a mature working mother, I still love her.

These two ladies were my best friends, and in many ways, shaped the hoodrat that I am today. From my white reformed hoodrat, I learned that the world treats black hoodrats very different than they treated white ones. Some police, and some black men chose to coddle white hoodrats while criticizing their black counterparts.From my boo-face, muffin butt, I learned that you should really just be yourself at all times, because people are going to judge you regardless. She also taught me that when you are genuine, people will rock with you until the end.

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